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soin papillons de beaute - butterfly beauty treatment

Our Soin des Papillon is a gentle yet highly effective renown facial that address the concerns of the most sensitive of skin types. A four-part facial treatment that cleanses, soothes, nourishes and tones the skin, restoring its natural radiance.

After a detailed skin analysis, your treatment begins with a cleanse, exfoliation and gentle ex- tractions. Aromatherapy is than infused with a lymphatic drainage facial massage to release tension and detoxify the skin. Sound waves, galvanic current and delicate movements enhanced with chamomile and nourishing shea butter are used to penetrate the top layer of the skin, fol- lowed by a cooling, soothing masque with oxygen spay.

Finally, this beauty ritual concludes with a hand, arms and décolleté massage with our KOS Paris Wellness Oil.

soin visage sculpte -sculpts face treatment

Organic Snow Lotus steam oil cleanse and custom Anda Anda Vital Blend prepares the skin for a transformative two-part, lifting facial. Le Visage Scuplté is designed to rejuvenate, firm and tone the face and décolletage while infusing vital organic nutrients.. Results are immediate as our beauty artisan sculpts and lifts the jawline, cheeks, brows, mouth, and forehead for a more youthful countenance. Bian Stone Gua Sha tools improve facial elasticity, stimulate collagen pro- duction and strengthen the musculoskeletal framework. Crystalline structured water and vegan French Algae boosting masque enhance this exquisite beauty treatment.

pure essence anti ride rajeunissant

pure anti aging essences - 90min facial

Our Age Reverse Signature Facial Is a highly effective, advanced, holistic alternative to injectables with visible results following the first treatment.
Our highly trained beauty artisans use state-of-the-art technologies with preeminent cosmeceutical ingredients. Our singnature facial includes Nano current,
LED and Radio Frequency to boost cellular activity while increasing collagen and elastin fibers. This results in Leaving your deep wrinkles smoothed, the skin is plumped,
the complexion is radiant, and skin quality is visibly improved.

therapie de lumiere light therapy treatment - 60min facial

Our L-Therapy facial is Inspired by the precision of lasers to treat
the harmful effects of sun damage, such as wrinkles, dark spots, and skin textures.
Using potent key ingredients to reverse hyperpigmentation and LED light therapy to reverse skin damage, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture. Improvement is seen after the first treatment, with optimum effectiveness
in a series of 3 treatments to achieve a dense, radiant and even-out skin tone.


soin visage hydratation marine -marine hydration face treatment

This luxurious hydrating and moisturizing beauty facial regenerates dry skin, improves skin texture, and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles. Begin with a thorough skin analysis than
a hydrating deep cleanse, followed by Luminous Rice Masque and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure techniques with Organic Anti-Stress oil renowned for its reparative hydrating and firming properties. Skin is plumped and smoothed, signs of fatigue erased,
and your complexion will regain a radiant glow.

soin des legendes -legend treatment

soin des legendes legend treatment

An extremely sophisticated facial treatment that hydrates restores and revitalizes the skin for a more youthful countenance.

Soin des Legendes skin-plumping and lifting results are achieved by a beauty ritual combination of very precise movement in our anti-aging face sculpting and lifting massage utilizing KOS Paris Elixir des Legendes loaded with Prickly Pear, Acai Berry and Rose Geranium known for their anti-aging, antioxidant, nourishing and firming properties.

Your treatment begins extensive skin analysis along with a deep cleanse, exfoliation and thor- ough extractions. Finishing touches include hands massage with Mango Butter,
Crème de Legendes and a spritz of Rose Water.

soin exfoliant nettoyant-deep cleansing treatment

Experience a botanically, nutrient-rich deep cleansing facial to restore and revive congested skin. Art de Vivre Deep Cleansing Facial features two cleansing rituals, an exfoliating peel, deep-cleaning massage with extractions or a personalized masque by your beauty artesian to purify, balance and nourish your unique skin type. Leaving your skin clean, clear and refreshed.

Mesotherapie pour "lui et Elle" mesotherapy for him and her treatment - 90min facial

Plump and intensely moisturize the skin with our Mesotherapy Therapy Facial.

A Non-surgical micro-needling treatment that delivers
Vitamin C + Vitamin B5 + Vitamin E + COENZYME Q10
to boost cell mechanics, stimulate collagen production, improve the tone and texture of the skin. LED light therapy is used to penetrate products deep below the epidermis
to accelerate the cell regeneration process.
As a result the skin is perfectly hydrated, revitalized,
strengthened and more luminous.

Coup d'eclat exfoliant nettoyant radiance exfoliant
leanser treatment - 60min facial

Experience our Translucent facial that leaves your complexion visibly brighter.
Our beauty artisans begin with a deep cleanse utilizing hydrotherapy or microdermabrasion. An ultra-concentrated peel that is used to resurface and refine the pores.

Skin texture is more elegant; pores are tightened, resulting in a more radiant, luminous complexion.


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