Invigorate your senses. At Beverly Hills première destination spa.


massage signature L'art de vivre L'art de vivre signature massage - 75min

Exceptional, indulgent, rejuvenating. This curated massage combines the most effective elements of several massage modalities while integrating energy and meditative breathing. Finishing with an optional organic aromatherapy oil facial and foot ritual.
The result is a complete sense of well-being, L’Art de Vivre.

massage en profondeur des tissus -deep tissue massage - 60/90min

You’ve found a response to chronic pain and deeply held patterns of tension. With KOS Paris Eucalyptus Massage Oil, slow, heavy strokes are used by our highly skilled wellness artisans to create direct pressure and friction on deep muscle layers. Working from origin to insertion, we begin to free the body of pain and return it to a state of harmony.

massage pierres stones massage - 60/90min

Nourish your body with the healing properties of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Bain stones and ginger, plai and coriander oils. Alternating hot and or cold stones relaxes and soothes the muscle tissue as well as flushes out accumulated toxins through the lymphatic system, creating natural infrared waves allowing the body to naturally heal itself, holistically.

massage cocon (prenatal

cocoon (prenatal) massage - 75min

Nurture the body and life within. Our cocoon massage is designed for mothers-to-be after the first trimester. Utilizing Women’s Harmony Oil our pre-natal certified wellness artisans
use light to firm pressure to help reduce stress, increase blood circulation, relieve muscle aches and joint pains and improve overall prenatal health for a radiant glow. Chinese Geranium and Mandarin are known to balance hormone levels, enhance mood and reduce swelling.

massage jambes legs massage - 30min

A delightful escape, (leg massage) invigorates, tones, restores full vitality, relieves tired legs
with our phyto-bain oil to leave you light on your feet.


massage huiles ceremonie oil ceremony massage - 60/90min

You are invited to select from one of our KOS Paris Garden or Argan oil collection and allow our skilled wellness artisans to elevate the classic Swedish massage into an art form.
Enjoy a choreographed dance between hands and body with a continuous flow from start
to finish. You’ll weave in and out of consciousness into a state of bliss.

massage metissage de l'est -blend of the east massage - 60/90min

Experience a blend of the east with a Shiatsu and Thai session.
It involves a sequence of acupressure points using finger and palm pressure along the body’s energy meridians with assisted stretching to stimulate
or sedate the flow of energy.
Achieve greater physical mobility and a sense of serenity within.


massage reflexologie reflexology massage - 60/90min

Stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Found in the feet, hands, and ears, reflexology points correspond to all parts of the body and internal organs, respond to particular pressure points. The body starts progressively clearing blockages, re-establishing energy flows
to achieve a state of balance.

massage touche ciblee (massage sportif)

focused touch (sports massage) - 60/90min

Meet the perfect complement to continuous physically intense activities, whether you’re a dancer, athlete, workout regular or reconverting from an injury our targeted sports massage performed by our highly trained wellness artisans should be an integral part to any regime. Involving both active and passive participation, the body is restored to meet the demands required of it.

massage a deux couple's massage- 60/90min

Unwind side-by-side as our wellness artisans take you on a journey tailored to your individual needs with a customized massage of a sweet cocktail of precious oils
and fragrance made from honey and fig.
The shared experience is euphoric and bonding, the very essence of Art de Vivre.

massage dos back massage - 30min

A focus aromatic and relaxing treatment on the area most susceptible to tension from daily routines.
Back Massage is just the right balance of indulgent for the time conscious.

la cape Art de Vivre

art de vivre wraps

enveloppement Silhouette de guyane

guinea silhouette wrap

Envelope the body with slimming botanical oils; this slimming head-to-toe treatment begins with a KOS Paris Gommage aux Cristaux de Sel Marin, a blend of sea salt crystals, apricot oil, verbena, citrus and bergamot to exfoliate and nurture the skin.

A slimming body mask wrap with South American coffee, mate and guarana are applied to burn fat and produce a slimming effect. While in a cocoon the feet are pampered with a Mango butter along with a scalp massage with KOS Paris Cheveux nurturing hair serum.
The treatment finishes with a full body massaging utilizing classic
French sculpting and contouring techniques
with KOS Paris Perle Fine Slimming Oil.

enveloppement corps raffermissant d'ete 

summer body firming wrap

Indulge in this invigorating head-to-toe experience. The skin is first exfoliated with KOS Paris Mauritian Sugar Polish enriched in macadamia oil that nourishes the skin
and helps reduce inflammation.

The body is then wrapped with a body tonic made up of the highly effective properties of warming Ginger, Orange and Carrot tonics. This multipurpose body wrap cleanses the pores and improves elasticity while reducing the appearance of cellulite. The hands and feet are treated with organic coconut butter and the scalp with our signature hair serum. The body is massaged with KOS Wellness Pearl Oil and finishing off with a 3 Tea Crème application on the décolleté area.

enveloppement thes detoxifiants

tea detox wrap

This refreshing detox and anti-aging body wrap feature green, red and white tea as well as mint leaves, known to help drain toxins out of muscle tissue and a rich source of flavonoids which have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that also help
slow down the aging process.

This detoxifying experience begins with a sea salt crystal scrub with apricot oil for nourishing and exfoliating the skin. The 3 Tea Detoxifying Wrap is applied and while cocooned the hand and feet are nourished with KOS Paris Babassu Butter. Hair Serum is applied to the scalp and hair before the wrap is removed. A relaxing massage using Wellness Pearl Oil is applied and finished with the 3Tea Crème on the arms and décolleté.

enveloppement biologie des aloe vera 

aloe vera biology wrap

Experience the healing, moisturizing properties of aloe verde plant combined with nurturing
algea and soothing properties of lavender in our deluxe hydrating body wrap.

Essential vitamins, mineral and protein revitalize the body as you reverse the signs of aging caused by skin damage.

Delight in a luxurious scalp and neck massage followed by a foot treatment with invigorating alpine herbal balm to complete this essential treatment to restore healthy radiant skin.-

Eau de Vie


For millennia, bathing in water is a form of therapy that has been used to enhance the body’s natural healing process, detoxify the body of impurities, decrease inflammation and pain and increase circulation. At L’Art the Vivre we offer wellness through bathing rituals to promote
a general sense of well-being and state of bliss.
— L’Art the Vivre

bain Hydromassant aux huiles essentielles

hydromassage bath with essential oils

Feel invigorated and revitalized with our oxygen infused hydrotherapy treatment bath. Begin your treatment in our private candlelit treatment cabin suite with a dry brush body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and enhance circulation. Followed by an aromatherapy infused steam shower while your wellness artesian prepares your bath. Our hydrotherapy baths consist of sixty percent higher oxygen levels than traditional baths to help relax tense, tired muscles for deep relief. Oxygen bubbles trap moisture in the skin revealing a more youthful and healthy glow and increased circulation results in more energy and increased vitality.

bain Zest detente aux sels mineraux 

zest of relaxation with mineral salt bath

Experience a deeper level of relaxation and well-being with L’Art de Vivre Mineral Wellness Bath Soak with eucalyptus sourced from New Zealand. Begin your soak in a private candlelit treatment cabin suite begins with a soft brush exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and promote lymphatic drainage. Your wellness artisan will than perform a deluxe foot ritual with a mineral salt exfoliation and alpine herb massage oil, before your aromatherapy infused steam shower while your bath is prepared. Our South Atlantic sourced salts have numerous health benefits including relieving stress, detoxifies toxins, soothes sore muscles. Our phyo-bain bathing oil contains petitgrain and lavender for relaxation and balancing along with rosemary, sage,
and helichrise for revitalizing and toning sore muscles.
The result is a sense of well-being and relaxation.

bain naturel aux Huiles Essentielles et Aromatique

natural bath in essential oils

Indulge the senses in synergistic combination or water, premium bath salts and personally selected essential oils in our Aromatherapy Nirvana Bath. With your wellness artesan as a guide, choose from a selection of premium grade essential oils to set the intention for how you want to feel than began your bath with an aromatherapy infused steam shower. Feel relaxed, rebalanced and rejuvenated in our private candlelit treatment cabin suites,
while improving circulation, easing muscle aches and detoxifies the body of impurities, creating the path to a sense of nirvana.

bain Savon Noir a l'huile d'olive traditionnelle du Maroc - black soap with traditional olive oil from morocco bath

Take a journey to worlds beyond and immerse yourself into an ethereal beauty ritual. Inspired by the Moroccan ancestral traditions of wellness, our Traditional French Moroccan Bath is an exceptional experience. Your wellness artesian uses a warm Moroccan Kessa mitt with pure crushed olive Black Soap to prepare and cleanses the body than enjoy an aromatherapy infused steam shower before returning to your private candlelit treatment cabin for a calming, healing and soothing warm Wild Lavender bath.


Art de Vivre Journeys


The ultimate in Art de Vivre.

Your journey begins with our Intensive Hair Repair Mask and dry brush exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.
Earthly minerals infused with sweet Neroli Blossom Bath and Body Oil
are massaged into the body, gently exfoliating as they gradually dissolve into the skin.

Your journey continues with a candlelight Mineral Wellness Bath; infused with bitter orange blossom oil, Neroli Water mist refreshes and soothes your spirit while chilled lavender towels, fruited water is awaiting.

Then indulge in a nourishing and hydrating Neroli Sensory Experience massage featuring organic Coconut and Meadowfoam seed oils before finishing with an organic Vital Wellness Visage Sculpte Facial massage in your private suite.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu


massage signature 

signature massage

Begin with our signature L’Art de Vivre Massage. This curated massage combines the most effective elements of several massage modalities from our highly trained wellness artisans while integrating energy and meditative breathing.
Finishing with an optional organic aromatherapy oil facial massage and foot ritual.

You are then whisked to your beauty artesian for our Soin des Papillion Facial, a gentle yet highly effective bespoke facial that address the concerns of the most sensitive of skin types. A four-part facial treatment that cleanses, soothes, nourishes and tones the skin, restoring its natural radiance.


massage soiree de gala 

The Gala evening massage

This ultimate beauty experience has you indulging the senses with four hands to achieve
a complete sense of well-being and whole-body rejuvenation. While a wellness artisan performs a full body massaging utilizing classic French sculpting and contouring techniques with our KOS Paris Perle Fine Slimming Oil, a beauty artisan performs our Age Reverse Signature Facial.

An advanced, highly effective, holistic alternative to injectables. The Age Revere Signature Facial achieves visible results from the first treatment, utilized the most advanced cosmeceutical ingredients and proven technology, including Nano current, LED and Radio Frequency.


l'escapade des amoureux



This aromatic journey begins with inhalation of wild lavender as it calms and balances your body and mind, while relaxing comfortably and enjoying a rejuvenating scrub.

Couples then unwind side-by-side as our skilled artisans
take you on a tailored wellness journey with a customized massage with precious oils and fragrances from honey and flower.

Than savor time together
with a candlelight L’art de Vivre Mineral Wellness Bath Soak with Lavender Bath and Body Oil finishing with a tea or champagne service
in the privacy of your VIP suite.